A common misconception for investors is that a wide frontage block is needed to build a duplex. The key is selecting a design suited to your particular property – meaning narrow blocks can be just as accommodating.

Widen your search for increased investment potential

Narrow blocks are often overlooked by potential investors, simply because the development options may seem limited. However, there are actually plenty of options available to develop narrow blocks. Plus, as narrow blocks often experience less demand, there is an even greater potential to make a tidy profit. So forget the old duplex mantra about wide and corner blocks, narrow blocks have great duplex potential too.

Specialised design for a narrow block duplex

Many of the more experienced homebuilders have developed specialised duplex designs to suit a host of block sizes and shapes. So if a duplex is part of your investment plan, then as long as you have a reasonable size block, there will be something to suit. Plus, any reputable builder will offer the opportunity to customise their duplex designs to ensure the best outcome is always achieved.

A good narrow duplex design will adopt space saving techniques and clever floor plans to ensure the width you have to work with is maximised, such as built in storage and streamlined open plan living zones. Where possible a two-story duplex solution is a smart way to increase the total floor area of a narrow property without compromising on inclusions.

Investment success relies on more than a quality build

When it comes to resale or rental potential, location to amenities is key. So before you go ahead and lock in your new duplex build, it pays to check the property’s access to shops, parks, schools and public transport to make sure your block is ticking all of the boxes and will appeal to a wide market. Plus, it also pays to get to know surrounding areas, i.e., find out what other buildings/estates are in development etc.

Development factors for consideration

While many professional homebuilders will manage the entire process for you, a quick phone call to council will help determine if the block you are interested in is suitable for a duplex project. You may also wish to engage a surveyor to check the dimensions of the block, and by finding out the soil type you can better determine foundation costs – subsidence or erosion prone soils can mean added expense.

Why are duplex developments so desirable?

Building a duplex is one of the most popular development options for first-time investors and experienced investors alike, because the process is very similar to building a single dwelling with the added bonus of essentially doubling your return potential. Using professional building services such as Jones Homes the entire process is managed for you, ensuring efficiencies are achieved to a high quality.

If you want to know more, speak to the duplex professionals at Jones Homes for your narrow block solutions.

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