If you’re planning to build a new home in a built-up area such as inner city Maitland or Newcastle, choosing to build two-stories may make a lot of sense. Two-storey homes are increasing in popularity and the reasons are simple – homebuilders want to maximise floor space, minimise land costs and make the most of their block and budget.

Two-storey pros:

Flexibility with block size and location – You may find securing a large enough block of land to fit your dream single-storey home in your preferred suburb difficult, especially if you are planning to build in an inner city area such as Maitland or Newcastle, where land can be both expensive and rare. If you choose to build a multi-level house however, you can still get your perfect floor plan even if your block of land is small or narrow due to budget and availability constraints. All it takes is some clever custom design to ensure all of your boxes are ticked. With the right design, your ideal suburb may not be out of your budget after all.

Double floor space without doubling the price – The price difference between building a single storey and double-storey home (of a comparable floor space) is actually not great. It is true that a double-storey build may end up costing a small percentage more (10-15%), however to build the same size single-storey house you need a lot more land, which can add cost. This effectively cancels any savings made on the actual build.

Making the most of the land you have – The increase in the popularity of two-storey home builds isn’t simply because of the lack of affordable land, resulting in more small or narrow blocks being on the market. Many savvy homebuilders are taking the opportunity to add as many outdoor lifestyle features as possible. This includes elements such as alfresco entertaining areas, landscaped gardens, a swimming pool or even a studio or granny flat.

Suitable to many stages of life – For families with older children or even families accommodating elderly members or additional housemates, the opportunity to create multiple living areas, i.e., separate upstairs and downstairs spaces, can help give the extra space and privacy that each party seeks. Elderly homebuilders and families with young children tend to want to avoid stairs and steps, making two-storey homes less appealing, however adjusting the configuration may actually make life easier, particularly if you want to keep the children on the lower floor most of the time.

Energy efficient advantages – As with any modern build there are many energy efficiencies you can take advantage of, but this is especially true when it comes to multi-level homes. For example, while you have effectively doubled the floor space you haven’t had to double the external surface area, in particular the roof. This means less insulation is required to help maintain efficient heating and cooling of the home.

If you are interested in building a two-storey home in and around Maitland, Newcastle or the Hunter Valley, Jones Homes has the expertise and local knowledge to get your build underway quickly and cost effectively – simple talk to our team to find out how we can help you.

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