A custom design home is an obvious choice for new homebuilders who want to build a home reflective of their individual tastes and lifestyle, as well as complimenting their surrounding environment and property location. Of course you might be able to save money by opting for a project home, but with options vastly smaller, changes to the house design often expensive and unique street appeal and floor plans virtually none existent, it may leave you feeling nowhere near as excited about your new home as you should be.

When determining your budget you may think a project home is all you can afford and as there are many appealing project homes on the market it may seem like a viable option. However, before you accept the project home option as the cheapest and best for your individual situation your preliminary research may reveal a few unexpected extras.

For example, builders who specialise in project homes tend to use display homes to sell their plan. It is important to note that whilst this means you can see the home that you are going to have built, the price tag won’t be for the exact home on display. This is because the display home will almost always include ALL of the extras available – meaning added expense. Extras can include: layout variations, better quality finishes such as carpet, tiles, kitchen fit-out and light fittings, as well as building materials and landscaping.

Project homes – another name for volume build

There are a number of pros and cons related to this style of building. The first major con for project homes is the limited number of house designs available. To get a real sense of the type of build a project home is, think of them as a factory line – and just like a factory line every item needs to be identical or very similar for it to be cost effective. On the flipside, these designs are often priced lower than other types of new home builds due to bulk discounts, i.e., if multiple homes are being built at the same time, using the same materials, bulk rates can be negotiated and then passed on to the builder / new owner.

However, this can lead to another con. Because the price is reliant on the materials being bought in bulk, any changes to materials will either be very difficult or expensive. This is why in new housing estates, which are full of project homes, many houses are identical or very close to it. The similarities also go further with the internal home design, floor plan and fittings replicated across many builds. None are unique at all and whether or not this is a pro or a con is a personal choice.

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This in turn leads to another pro for project home style builds. They can make more efficient use of tradespeople, as staff work across multiple jobs and share machinery. Plus, the tradespeople know the house design inside and out. Building the same home, using the same materials over and over again, will lead to in depth knowledge with possibly less errors and delays. It has been said that this can speed up a build, although that is not always true.

And just when your project home is nearing completion – another con. Not all project homes come with a turnkey option, meaning your home will still need finishing off to be council compliant at your own time and expense. As with any new home build, but in particular project homes, it is imperative that a detailed list of inclusions be presented alongside the advertised price to know exactly what you need to budget for.

Custom design – a quality home without compromise

If you aren’t willing to compromise on style, functionality and fixtures, a custom design home is an obvious solution. You will have access to the building company’s experienced team of designers, surveyors, builders and planners, and take advantage of their established relationships with quality suppliers and materials. Also a custom design home is often much more affordable than having to engage with an architect. Plus, there is often a fixed price construction sum at the outset. So the final results will be a home you’re proud of and within budget – a massive pro!

However, the pro of greater design freedom could also be seen as a con to some. With a myriad of choices to make when building a new home, some people are overwhelmed by the process and begin to detest all of the choices in front of them. If you have sourced a reliable and experienced custom design building team they will easily assist with streamlining the decisions you need to make, quickly turning that con back into a pro.

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The flexibility of custom design homes goes further than just materials and floor plans. The flexibility starts right at the beginning – or more to the point your block of land. If the property you wish to build on is sloping or has an awkward shape then custom design is more than just a pro, it is likely to be the only realistic solution when compared to project homes. Project homes generally require properties with little to no slope and to be of a standard size and shape.

Even better than that, a custom design will offer a site-specific solution taking into consideration lifestyle, location and aspect to ensure the land is effectively utilised. Considering the property aspect and size is going to be the foundation for your dream home, getting the most out of it seems smart – financially and environmentally.

Location can help you decide

When choose between a custom designed home or a project build, your location might help you make up your mind. As an example, Maitland in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales is a historic town with a contemporary direction into the future. A custom design gives you the flexibility to build new while still fitting in with the historic surroundings. Many notable attractions and facilities are easily in reach of Maitland – Newcastle’s pristine beaches, the Hunter Valley’s wine country, New South Wales’ largest regional airport, and well-established mining and agricultural industries are just a few. Maitland is the centrepiece if you will. So for those wanting to build in Maitland it makes sense your new home should reflect the energy and essence of this unique, well-positioned town.

Custom design and construction services in the heart of Maitland

If you have found your perfect piece of Maitland and it is calling for a unique home design, a custom design build by a locally experienced and highly respected builder might be the most suitable choice for you. The Jones Homes team offers a fully inclusive Custom Design and Construction Service and are Maitland locals. Contact their team of experts if you have any questions about custom design builds or want talk further regarding the benefits of custom design over a project home – they have on-the-ground, relevant, local experience.

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