To many the term ‘property investor’ used to conjure images of money clad, pin-striped, suit wearing, silver foxes – but today the term can refer to anyone with a bit of foresight, suitable finance and the right team behind them.

There are so many property investment options available, suitable to a range of financial and property situations, and Jones Homes proudly specialises in the top three:

Duplex – split your block in half and double its potential with a duplex. This is a great development option if you have a large vacant block to build on, or even a good size block with a house that is better knocked down than renovated to sell. Available in single or double story plans with turnkey assurances.

Dual Occupancy – make the most of an unused, possibly high maintenance backyard and create a dual occupancy property by sub-dividing the land and building a new freestanding house. Many investors who wish to keep ownership of both properties choose to move into the new house and rent the older property.

Multi-Unit Development – with the popularity and need for small to medium density properties increasing in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley a multi-unit development may suit your investment needs. As long as your property is situated in a suitable zone and you have the finances, the return can be spectacular.

Interested in investing?

Read our top tips for property investment first!

  1. Pick your suburb carefully. Try to research areas of growth or look out for reasons why people might be drawn to a particular area in the near future. Getting in early can help maximise your return.
  2. Know your budget. Jones Homes manage the entire process – plans, design, build – so their turnkey assurance means you can be confident with quoted costs. Try to budget for any ongoing costs too.
  3. Choose the right type of mortgage. Although interest rates are at an all time low, it pays to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal for your particular financial situation.
  4. Know your tax benefits. Negative gearing means you are running at a loss, so make sure your finances can withstand this. Speak to your tax accountant or use online calculators to help you assess the risk.
  5. Keep your emotions in check. Each decision should be pure business if you want to succeed as a property investor. It may not be easy to do this, but it can make a big of difference to your bank balance.

Our Projects Manager, Fyona Coulton has over 23 years’ experience in the building industry. She understands how to create equity through the development process and has an intimate knowledge of the construction landscape in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

Fyona has unrivalled experience in the planning and building process and is also a Greensmart professional as well as a qualified Interior Designer.

Working with Jones Homes, Fyona has the autonomy to bring the right people together to collaborate on any given project. She partners with clients to provide development and building solutions for their property.

Helping clients understand what is current in design and what is allowable within the council guidelines, Fyona educates clients on what to look for in a site and how to negotiate the purchase effectively – thereby empowering her clients in the process. She is available to answer any of your property investment questions and guide you through the development.

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