Nelson Bay, Anna Bay, Shoal Bay, Lemon Tree Passage … just hearing the names of Port Stephens towns makes you feel relaxed. Imagine what it must be like to live there!

Just north of Newcastle and only two and a half hours drive from Sydney, Port Stephens offers a relaxed lifestyle for all its residents, from families to retirees.

Pristine living

One of the greatest appeals of the Port Stephens area is its pristine environment. The waters are crystal clear and brimming with life and the national parks are alive with local flora and fauna.

The council recognises this incredible asset and is dedicated to ensuring the environment is protected for generations to come. In fact, they have a series of educational programs to help locals become more aware of their environment and how to protect it.

Be part of the solution

If you’re planning a sea change to the Port Stephens area, you’ll no doubt want to ensure your house fits with the area’s commitment to sustainable living. This is an area that obviously comes into its own during summer, but that’s also the time when energy consumption can go through the roof.

Follow these tips to keep your Port Stephens house cool during summer:

  1. Set your air-conditioning to around 24ºC. This will keep your home at a comfortable temperature but avoid the added costs that cooler temperatures can incur.
  2. Install fans in living areas and bedrooms as they don’t use a lot of energy but can see a reduction in energy of up to 3ºC.
  3. During the day, keep all your doors and windows shut so you don’t get hit by the afternoon heat, but when night falls, throw open your house to take advantage of the cool air.
  4. Make sure you have adequate window coverings – awnings outside and curtains inside.
  5. Take advantage of balmy nights by doing your cooking outside on the barbecue. Not only will you enjoy a dose of fresh air, but you’ll also avoid heating up the house.
  6. Forget the clothes dryer and instead take advantage of all that sunshine to dry your clothes.
  7. If you’re planning a summer getaway, turn off all your major appliances.

Of course, the best way to make sure you have a home that’s as energy efficient as possible is to build a new house, as you’ll be confident it incorporates the latest energy saving initiatives.

This doesn’t mean you have to employ an architect or build a custom design home. Builders such as Jones Homes offer an exciting selection of in-house home designs that take the stress out of the design process, because it’s all done for you!

What’s more, every Jones Homes house has a star rating from BASIX, the New South Wales government’s building sustainability index. Jones Homes also incorporates passive solar design into all their houses to ensure the most energy efficient cooling and heating strategies.

A move to Port Stephens should be a relaxed affair and choosing a home from an in-house design will be the first step to ensuring your move is as stress-free as possible. Contact the Jones Homes team to discover a great selection of designs.

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