It’s a fact: the demand for medium to high density housing in Australia has increased significantly in recent years and looks set to keep climbing. This is little wonder when you look at all the parties who benefit from multi-unit developments.

There are 3 clear winners…

1. You, the investor

Embarking on a multi-unit development is a complex undertaking. You have to consider the feasibility of the investment, taking into consideration your financial situation, including the possibility of setting up a syndicate, as well as the suitability of your block of land to the construction of multiple dwellings. You also need to design a concept, tackle pre-development negotiation, council approval, decide on a reputable builder, and finally, start building.

Of course, when you choose Jones Homes for your multi-unit development, you’ll have all these considerations taken care of and you can relax knowing your investment is in esteemed hands.

Then it’s a matter of reaping the benefits of all the options you can now enjoy. If your multi-unit development is a launching pad for a bigger project, you might choose to sell all the units in the property, or you could rent them all out, or sell a few and rent a few. Many people also like the idea of living in their new build and therefore choose to either live in one and sell or rent the others.

So how do you know the demand is there for selling your units or renting them out? Well, that brings us to our second lot of winners.

2. Your buyers/tenants

While the quarter-acre block was once the great Australian dream, the reality of modern living means that people need to live where the work is, which often means near the city. As land is scarce in cities, it’s common sense to make better use of what land there is available by building more multi-unit developments to fulfil this need.

What’s more, as we all recognise the need to decrease our carbon footprint and increase our health, multi-unit developments are increasing in popularity. This is because if people can secure a home that’s closer to work and amenities, there’s a greater opportunity to walk between destinations and they spend less time commuting and more time doing the things they enjoy. But don’t just take our word for it, the Heart Foundation agrees.

3. Councils

Councils are the third winners from multi-unit developments as higher density housing means the population grows around existing infrastructure. This enables them to focus their efforts on improvements rather than having to expand their footprint by adding new facilities.

Jones Homes would love to help you join the list of investors enjoying the rewards of a multi-unit development. The team is ready to talk you through the entire process and get construction underway so get in touch with them today.

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