What is multi-unit development?

As the name suggests, a multi-unit development is when many dwellings are built on one site. The property size is generally a limited space so the financial return is maximised by increasing the number of individual units built on the same plot of land. There are a number of different types of multi-unit developments including:

• Dual occupancies, being two dwellings on one title;
• Duplexes, being two connecting units on the one title; and
• Multi-unit developments, being more than 2 units on one title.

Why build a multi-unit development?

Multi-unit developments are a great investment with your return maximised on any block or plot of land. If built correctly, they are low maintenance and are an efficient addition to your property portfolio.

Planning a multi-unit development

Multi-unit development sites can be more complex to build on and have a range of factors that need to be considered before your project commences.

Proper planning, engaging with the authorities and seeking guidance from an experienced professional can save you making costly mistakes that could delay development and construction.

Submitting an accurate development application (DA) to your local council is imperative to ensure your project goes ahead quickly and safely. There are many local council requirements to be adhered to and an insufficiently prepared DA could leave you open to setbacks.

Feasibility studies are also important to undertake to assess whether utilities such as electricity, gas, water and sewerage are easily accessible for your site. Only once these checks are complete can you be confident that you’re building the right type of multi-unit development.

At Jones Homes we’re experienced specialists in multi-unit developments across Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley and have successfully built many projects of this kind. We work closely with local councils, certifiers, engineers and our construction team to ensure our development clients are not hit with any unexpected surprises. Our team will guide you through the entire process to ensure that your multi-unit construction project runs smoothly.

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