Newcastle and the Hunter Valley are two of the most desirable places in New South Wales to live. Aside from the natural beauty of both areas, one of the things that makes them such attractive destinations is their rich histories, which you can see in the wonderful architecture throughout both regions.

This makes the historic homes in both Newcastle and the Hunter Valley highly sought-after. However, with modern designs and environmental considerations, it’s hard to go past the benefits of building a new house in these areas.

Top 5 benefits of building a new home

1. Satisfy your needs

We all want our house to be a haven and when you build a new home you can work with your builder to create exactly what you want. Whether you’re choosing to build a family home, a house that suits your retirement plans or anything in between, there’s nothing like sitting down and planning a home from scratch.

2. Enjoy the latest designs

You only have to take a look around the older suburbs of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley to see how much the Australian home has changed through the years. Today’s builders have learnt so much from the past and modern house designs reflect the contemporary Australian lifestyle.

Open plan living areas, clever storage solutions and the best use of the natural features of your block are just some of the design advantages you’ll enjoy when you build a new home.

3. Be energy efficient

While older homes were rarely built to withstand the rigours of the Australian climate, when you choose to build a new home, you’ll reap the benefits of the advances in energy efficiency the modern builder uses. When you go with a reputable builder like Jones Homes, who have extensive experience in both Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, you’ll have confidence knowing that your home has a BASIX score telling you how much you’ll save on cooling and heating costs.

All homes built by Jones Homes use Passive Solar Design, which means they are built to take advantage of the sun for not only heating, but also cooling and lighting. So with a new house, you’ll not only be doing your bit for the environment, but your bank balance will benefit too!

4. Breeze through maintenance

Obviously, with a new house you don’t have to worry for quite some time about the wear and tear that comes with age. However, on top of that, the use of the latest building products and modern designs also cuts down on your maintenance costs and the amount of time you have to spend on the upkeep of your home.

5. Stay safe

There’s no point having a beautifully comfortable home, if it’s not safe. When you build a new home you’ll have peace of mind knowing that its safety is of the highest standards. From hard-wired smoke detectors to electrical circuit protectors, nothing is left to chance in a new house.

These are just the top five benefits to building a new home – the list goes on and the team at Jones Homes is waiting to take you through it. Contact us today.

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