So you’ve decided to build a new home – congratulations! There are many benefits to building a new home and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of stepping into a house that’s been designed just for you.

Presumably, you’ve chosen a block and you’re ready to start on the design. So where to begin? We’re spoilt for choice these days and the thought of selecting every single fixture for your new home can seem overwhelming.

To help, we’ve broken the home down to the four main rooms – kitchen, dining room, living room and bedrooms – and provided some important considerations to get you started on creating your new house design.

1. Kitchen

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These days, the kitchen is often the centrepiece of the home and having the opportunity to design it to your specifications is a great chance to show off your personal style.


The first step in designing a modern kitchen is layout. How much space will you allocate to your kitchen? While a big, open kitchen increases your options, remember there are lots of clever space-saving designs if you only have a small area. One of the most important considerations of a modern kitchen, whatever the size, is the idea of the “working triangle”. This is the distance between the fridge, the sink and benchtops, and the oven. To make your kitchen an efficient space, it’s a good idea to minimise the distances within the triangle. Also, think about how you’ll use your kitchen when it comes to entertaining. If you like to cook and chat with your guests, an island bench with some stools is a great way to bring everyone together.


The modern kitchen is all about designing a sleek space that’s free of clutter. So you’ll want to make sure you maximise storage. Deep drawers are a great option for your pots and pans and they’re so accessible. If you only have room for a small kitchen, make sure you maximise your corners with nifty pull-out shelves and rotating units.


To make sure your kitchen stands the test of time, it’s a great idea to go for a basic colour scheme and perhaps use pops of colour to give it some personal flair. A splashback can be a great spot to add a burst of colour to your design with choices including tiles, glass and stainless steel.

2. Dining room

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While once upon a time, the home had a separate formal dining room, these days it tends to be part of an open plan space that incorporates the kitchen and living areas. If you do decide to allocate space to a dedicated dining area, make sure you think carefully about whether you’ll actually use it. If you’re planning an al fresco entertaining area in your home, will that make a dining room redundant?

Some general rules for designing a dining room include:

Location – when you’re entertaining, do you like everyone in the same space while you’re preparing, or do you prefer your guests out of the kitchen and in a separate room? This may determine where you choose to put your dining room.

Maximising natural light – so it’s an inviting space

Consideration of furniture – if you’re planning to have a large dining table, make sure there’s plenty of room to move around it

Centring your light – Often, a dining room has a dramatic light fixture as its focal point; make sure it fits with your choice of table.

3. Living room

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While the kitchen is often the point of hustle and bustle in your home, the living area is where you go to unwind and its design should reflect that. Again, the design will be dictated by the size of your house, but think about whether you crave cosiness or you prefer the luxury of space, especially if you have a family.

Also, think about how you want to use your living room. These days, the television has become the focal point of the living room and if this is true for you, make sure you think about where it will be placed. That is, make sure it’s not facing a window to avoid glare, and have it in spot that allows everyone to watch comfortably.

If you’re lucky to have a beautiful outlook from your living room, make sure the windows make the most of it by being large enough to see out of when you’re sitting down. You might also like to design an area around the window as a separate nook for reading or chatting that doesn’t revolve around the television.

4. Bedrooms

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Master bedroom

While the master bedroom might seem like a straightforward decision in your home design, there are many options and considerations.

Firstly, who is in your master bedroom? If you’re a couple, think about how you use your bedroom. Do you have to be up and about at different times to your partner? If so, think about a design that minimises disturbances. For example, if you’re planning an en suite, make sure it’s as far away from the bed as possible. Or, if you really have the luxury of space, you could include a walk-in wardrobe between the bedroom and en suite.

Also, consider whether you want your bedroom to serve as a parents’ retreat. If so, factor in space for some armchairs where you can (hopefully) escape occasionally to read, surf the web or maybe watch your own television.

Children’s bedrooms

Where you put your children’s bedrooms depends a lot on their age. If they’re young, they’ll probably want to be close to you, but teenagers might appreciate being as far away as possible from the master bedroom. One of the biggest considerations for children’s bedrooms is storage. Besides clothes, there are toys to think about and making sure there’s adequate storage in your design maximises your chances of seeing the bedroom floor once in a while! Also, think about whether your child will use their room to study. Will you need space for a desk?

When it comes to designing your new home in the Hunter Valley, it pays to have experts on your side. Jones Homes offers a custom design service that lets you bring your vision to life with experienced consultants on hand to guide you every step of the way. So you get the home you always dreamed of with minimal stress! Talk to the Jones Home team today.

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