Many people dream of owning a house which they can call their own. When planning to build a house it’s important to appoint a builder who can work according to your needs and requirements. Before appointing a Newcastle-based builder, be sure to follow a few key points to get the best in the construction business for your project.

Having a house constructed is not at all an easy task. It can be extremely hectic and your normal routine might collapse.

To ensure your project goes smoothly, keep these things in mind:

1. Get it in writing

It’s quite surprising how many people hire builders in Newcastle without asking the company to provide anything in writing. This doesn’t imply that a contract should be complicated, but it must mention details of the tender price, the scope of work, the payment terms, and the start and final completion dates.

A professional and reputed company will be happy to sign contracts and it’s important to have the contract in place before the project begins. Be careful to trust organisations or individuals that show reluctance to sign paperwork.Builders in Newcastle are generally happy to sign the contracts, and agree to terms of service in advance.

2. Take interest

This might seem difficult as you may be busy with the responsibilities of life, become overwhelmed with the speed and process of construction, or have limited knowledge about the construction process. But, it’s strongly recommended to closely monitor the progress and take time to fully understand the process.

It’s an excellent way to avoid delays and troubleshoot glitches whenever they arise. This helps you and the builder get the most out of the project. If possible, target small jobs that need to be done right after the big tasks are completed on a daily basis.

3. Speak your mind

Don’t feel uncomfortable to give constructive feedback and point out the flaws immediately if you aren’t happy with the level or speed of the work. Don’t wait or act slowly because small problems can turn into large costly issues if left unattended. If your builder is a professional and has a wealth of experience, then the work will be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

4. Follow up

After the construction is fully completed, ensure that your builder leaves the site clean and ready for use. The disposal of waste material is the builder’s responsibility, so outline this within the contract also. Report any defects that you see in the final build.  This can then be noted in the Defects Liability Report. Occasionally issues with your home may arise that are cause for concern. Generally, these are best dealt with by noting the details of the defect in writing and forwarding them to the builder at the end of the 13 week Defects Liability period. These issues will then be addressed and repaired by the builder.

It’s important to note that many of the materials used to build a house contain moisture and although home owners in Newcastle are not likely to notice, there is a great deal of moisture around when they first move in. As the house is lived in and heated it will dry out. Timber, brick and plaster-lined areas may shrink during this drying out process, causing small cracks in these areas. Slight movement and shrinkage may occur.  They will not affect the house’s structural integrity.

5. Pay on time

Keep your side of the bargain by paying on time if the work is being conducted on schedule and no problems arise. Always pay in accordance with the progress payments as outlined in the contract that you signed with your builder.

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