Ever dreamt of designing your own home? Renovating an older property can be enticing but there are often many hidden issues. New builds are energy efficient, well thought out and cleverly designed. Project Homes are usually fixed in their layout and you don’t necessarily get to select the finer details.

A custom design service could be just what you’re after to have full control over the development while being guided by a professional through the entire process.

Here are four benefits to building a custom designed home with Jones Homes:

1. Customised to suit your individual lifestyle

The great thing about a custom designed home is that you get to decide the layout to maximise the space for your needs. Perhaps you need extra bedrooms because your family is growing. Want a home theatre or gym? Or maybe you’re starting a business from home and need a quiet space. Anything is possible when you undertake a custom home design.

2. Control over build quality

When designing your own home you have complete control – from the planning phase to the style of taps used in the bathroom. Having a say in what construction materials, fixtures and fittings are used means that you can influence the overall standard of the build.

3. Choose your external surrounds

Many owners focus so much on the construction side of the project that they often forget about the importance of beautifying the land around the house. Having customised landscaping included in your project can not only increase the value of the property but also make it more aesthetically pleasing to live in. Planting trees, gardens and long grasses can soften the impact that a newly constructed build can have while decking, pergolas and recreational areas are another key to making the outside feel like a natural extension of the property.

4. Value for money

One of the most common misconceptions about custom build houses is that they are expensive. The truth is that they represent real value for money and can accommodate most budgets. It also allows for complete transparency so you know exactly where your money will be spent.

Jones Homes offers a custom design solution that is built to suit your lifestyle with a fixed price tag that competes with any project home builder.

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Jones Homes

About Jones Homes

Jones Homes was established in 1982 and has successfully grown into a full service planning and construction company. Jones Homes creates custom design solutions for the homeowner and investor builder serving the suburbs in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Nelson Bay and the Hunter Valley.